Day Nine - Calgary June 20 2011, 1 Comment

Our jewellery was very well received in Calgary today! We had a couple of meetings set up, and a list of stores to check out. Our first meeting was in Kensington (a cool shopping area in Calgary), and we got there an hour early to walk around. In the first store we went into, Queen Boutique, we started talking to the two women there, and they ended up taking enough jewellery to stock that store and their other location in Osoyoos! We had such a nice time chatting to them and are really excited to have our work being sent to the Okanagen tomorrow! Our other meetings both went well, and Studio Intent is now also carrying our jewellery! Studio Intent is a cool fashion boutique that is located in Art Central, which is kind of an artist community building-- cool! We also got some promising leads with other stores that we just walked into.

Now we are relaxing in Edmonton at the Spruce Grove Motor Inn, a hotel that we would always stay at between treeplanting contracts. We were hoping to run into some planters, but so far it doesn't seem like there are any here. We're having fun being nostalgic about our planting days!

Distance covered today: 373 km

Total distance covered: 4599 km

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