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We are stocked! June 11 2011

We're finally ready to leave on our trip (well, we still have to pack our personal things). We just finished making and packaging all of our jewellery stock yesterday, and that felt like such an achievement!

Here's our inventory list for the trip:

48 water molecule earrings, 37 water molecule necklaces, 16 pairs of alcohol molecule earrings, 17 alcohol molecule necklaces, 47 caffeine molecule neclaces, 18 nicotine molecule necklaces, 28 lost & found stacking rings, 12 pairs of slashpile earrings, 13 slashpile necklaces, 11 pairs of plant a tree studs, 9 plant a tree necklaces, 10 healthy people pieces, 6 canadian rock pendants, and 90 injuries!

So we made all of this jewellery, a total of 362 pieces, all in the past month!

Now its time to pack our clothing...

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I like to make jewelry all day June 06 2011

I found this video that was made by the current featured Etsy seller. It pretty much sums up our lives right now!


Jewelry All Day from rachel pfeffer on Vimeo.

Pack-men (well, women) June 06 2011

We've been making working hard on making lots of inventory, in preparation for our big trip. In doing this, we have run into a few issues that led us to re-design our packaging.

1. Organization. It is really hard to sort and store loose pieces of jewellery. Labelling pieces and sorting them into bags and boxes is super helpful! It also means it will be easier for us to find everything when we have to take it out again for stores!

2. Tarnishing. Whether on display or in transit, silver tarnishes when exposed to the air! The plastic baggies and the molecule tins make it easy to display the pieces, without having to clean the pieces frequently!

3. Display/branding. On the paper lables, we can put important information about the pieces, such as the name of the collection, a brief description of the concept and, of course, our logo!

We are very pleased with the results!

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Slashpile Designs in 24 Hours! June 01 2011




Studio Photos May 30 2011

I was browsing through the photos on my computer and I came across these old photos of us soldering! The first photo is of Tara, and the second one is of Courtney's hands. Enjoy!

Trip Planning May 30 2011

So, as you know, we are planning our cross-Canada sales tour. Currently, we are planning out our route and contacting stores in various cities along the way (if you know any that would carry our work, feel free to e-mail us!!)

So far, our planned stops are Toronto-Sudbury-Thunder Bay-Winnipeg-Regina-Saskatoon-Calgary-Edmonton-Jasper-Banff-Kelowna-Vancouver! We'll add some more stops on the way back, as well as re-visiting many cities.

Getting super duper excited for the trip!!!

Slashpile Designs goes on Tour! May 18 2011

We are currently planning our cross-country jewellery trip!

Our departure is scheduled for June 12, 2011 and we are getting super excited about the trip! We'll be stopping in all major cities between Toronto and Vancouver, aiming to sell our jewellery to in as many awesome stores as possible across the country.

If you know of any cool shops for us to visit, we'd love to hear your suggestions! We will also be sure to keep you posted on our adventures along the way, so stay tuned!

New Slashpiles Necklaces May 18 2011

We have a new version of our Slashpile Necklace! It uses slightly smaller square wire to represent the 'sticks' in the piles and smaller stones. We are now using only 'rescued' stones in our slashpile pieces. These stones were taken from gold and silver jewellery that was melted down--we rescued the stones from these pieces, just in the nick of time!

Check out our Etsy listings to see more:




Injury Series Re-design! May 18 2011

Painting the roses red! May 18 2011

Painting the enamel on the molecules is the final step in making our drug molecule jewellery. It takes skill and practice to apply the paint accurately! (Tara is a pro)

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Mini-Maker Faire May 18 2011


We had a blast at the Toronto Mini-Maker Faire  that took place on the weekend of May 4. Ryan Varga created a 7-minute mini-documentary of the show that features Slashpile Designs molecule line!

check out the video here:

Toronto mini-Maker Faire documentary: what does it mean to be a maker? - Boing Boing

Hello world! December 11 2010

This is where we will experiment with a new website design and blog!!! If you are confused and want to get back to our website, click here:

Thanks for visiting!

-Tara & Courtney