Slashpile Series, re-launched!! October 09 2014

Our signature Slashpile Necklace is now available in a new style! Our previous design was an abstraction of the piles of sticks and logs that are so familiar to tree planters. But recently we've been reminiscing about our experiences in the bush. And going over all of these memories has inspired this new, more realistic and rustic version of the token-of-pride necklace.

We carved the Slashpile out of wax and then cast in sterling silver. We then darkened the pendant with a patina to give it that rustic look. The pendant is strung on an 18" oxidized sterling silver chain to match.

While we still love the original design, we feel like this new style connects a bit more with the ruggedness of the experience of tree planting. We hope you like it too! :)