Come Eat With Us

Come Eat With Us

As part of the Crafting Sustainability conference happening this weekend, OCAD University is putting on the exhibition, Come Eat with Us, and invited alumni to submit work for the show. The exhibition will be in The Great Hall at OCADU from March 14th to 20th. The opening with take place on March 14th, from 4:00-6:00pm.

The show is all about sustainability in relationship to craft and food production and consumption. Here is our entry. We can't wait to see it on display with the rest of the exhibition, and all the different takes everyone has on this concept.

Family Dinner

Swivel photo locket: sterling silver, liver of sulphur, photo

In an era where sustainability has become a buzz word, it's easy to overlook that sustainability is a concept that applies equally to relationships. From breaking bread with strangers to lunch and coffee meetings, to family dinners, food is an integral part of establishing, maintaining and strengthening our relationships with each other. The people we eat with are a big part of how we experience food. But people in North America are increasingly eating out or on the run. The traditional family dinner is a ritual that many people associate with a simpler time.

This locket, including a photo of our family eating dinner together, is about maintaining relationships with people who are important to us through the ritual of eating together. Although lockets, like the traditional family dinner, also originated from times past, this locket shows that it can be modernized and made just as relevant today as it always was.