Engagement Ring Renewal (and happy birthday to our awesome mom!) April 27 2015, 1 Comment

A few years ago, our mom lost the diamond in her engagement ring. She thinks it got pulled out by a dog leash somewhere in the park, and was unfortunately never able to find it. For her birthday this year, our dad had us replace it with a new diamond. 

The stone we found to replace it is a beautiful blush-coloured diamond, which looks amazing next to the yellow gold of the band and the setting. It was also perfect for her, because she was looking for a diamond that was "a little bit more interesting". Since this stone is bigger than the original diamond, we had to make a new setting that is taller to accommodate the height of the stone. We're pretty happy with how it turned out, and she is excited to be able to wear her engagement ring again!

This was an extra-special and appropriate gift, since the diamond is April's birthstone and our parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last month!