Roller Derby Reflections (and jewellery!)

Roller Derby Reflections (and jewellery!)


L: jamming with the Gores last season (photo credit: Joe Mac), R: the whole team after we won 1st place at a tournament in Montreal (photo credit: Canuck Derby TV)


Roller derby has been a huge part of my life, and this is the first time in 6 years (or 7 derby seasons) that I will not be playing. I've been finding myself reflecting on my participation in this awesome sport lately. I'm really missing it, and feeling pretty heartbroken to not be participating this year. I just thought I would share some pictures of me playing, as well as some of the roller-derby-inspired jewellery pieces we've created over the years!

I started playing derby in 2010 for the Derby Debutantes and the Chrome Mollys, and ended up in my permanent home with the Gore-Gore Rollergirls at Toronto Roller Derby, who I skated with for the past 3 seasons. I even had a year and a bit playing for the B travel team, the Bay Street Bruisers until I got a concussion at practice. I decided to stop playing (at least for now), because of a lingering neck injury, as well as general wear and tear issues on my knees, back and hips (did I mention that it's full contact and very hard on the body?!)

Roller derby is a hard-hitting, full contact sport, full of amazing athletes and comradery. It's also a very complex sport, involving a lot of planning, thinking and strategy. I loved being a part of it, and I still plan to be at all the games cheering for my team!


L: Jamming for the Bay Street Bruisers in Baltimore (photo credit: Tyler Shaw) R: Knocked down at a home game (photo credit: Joe Mac)


L: Jamming for the Gore-Gore Rollergirls, R: My skates!


I made my original T-Rex necklace because my roller derby name is Taranosaurus Rex-- so roller derby actually inspired our whole Dino Series, which we now sell in museum gift shops!


We've made lots of roller skate necklaces, many of which were custom stamped with skaters' numbers

We even make a roller derby best friends necklace set, based on the Pivot and Jammer helmet covers.


 The next Toronto Roller Derby Game is this Saturday (Feb 6), and you can get tickets here:

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