We are stocked!

We are stocked!

We're finally ready to leave on our trip (well, we still have to pack our personal things). We just finished making and packaging all of our jewellery stock yesterday, and that felt like such an achievement!

Here's our inventory list for the trip:

48 water molecule earrings, 37 water molecule necklaces, 16 pairs of alcohol molecule earrings, 17 alcohol molecule necklaces, 47 caffeine molecule neclaces, 18 nicotine molecule necklaces, 28 lost & found stacking rings, 12 pairs of slashpile earrings, 13 slashpile necklaces, 11 pairs of plant a tree studs, 9 plant a tree necklaces, 10 healthy people pieces, 6 canadian rock pendants, and 90 injuries!

So we made all of this jewellery, a total of 362 pieces, all in the past month!

Now its time to pack our clothing...

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