Day Eighteen - Spelunking

Day Eighteen - Spelunking

We had another great day in the Kootenays today. I got our water molecule jewellery into a store in Rossland this morning! It's a nice gallery/boutique in town called Main Stage Gallery.

In the afternoon Mike and his friend Ryan took us to see an abandoned mine near Salmo and we went exploring. From the outside it just looked like a little hole in a rock, but inside it's huge! It looked like something out of the Lord of the Rings and it was freezing in there! It was also about 5 minutes from the U.S border. I was especially excited, because when I was little I used to play a computer game called Spelunx. I don't think I ever really understood the game, but I've always wanted to go spelunking for real!

Then we drove to Nelson to visit Aaron and Monica, and their toddler, Aidan. We had a lovely dinner with them and then headed on the road (pretty late to start driving...I think we left around 7:30pm). We drove over the Kootenay pass and saw a family of mountain goats. It was really cold at the top, and there was lots of snow on the ground-- crazy!

At around 10:00 it got dark, and at 10:30 it started to rain really hard. We saw lots of deer on the road and driving was a little scary, so we pulled over at a motel in Cranbrook for the night.

Can't wait to go back through Jasper tomorrow!

Distance today: 405 km

Total distance: 7709 km

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