My Q & A from Corktown Designs

My Q & A from Corktown Designs

My Q & A from Corktown Designs

My collection is now shop-able through the website of one of my most awesome stockists! To launch my pieces on their website, they did a little Q & A with me. Here are my answers, and some behind-the scenes pictures from my home studio :)

Where do you find you draw most of your inspiration from?

I usually come up with new ideas for jewellery pieces when I’m doing something other than working in the studio. I have a lot of hobbies and interests to draw inspiration from, and I figure that there will always be others who can share those interests and relate to my work. I started making my Backyard Birding series soon after we put up a feeder in our backyard that was attracting some surprisingly colourful birds. My Dinosaur series started off with the T-Rex necklace, which was inspired by my roller derby name, Taranosaurus Rex. My fine jewellery collection, Chroma, was inspired by a conscious decision to incorporate more fun colours into my own life.

If you had to choose, which of your pieces is your favourite?

My current favourite is my Dog-Human best friend necklace set. The dog tag and necklace fit together just like those best friends necklaces that were big in the 90s. I love animals so much, and I feel like with these necklaces I’m spreading the love! Every time someone buys one of my dog-human BFF necklaces I imagine the pair who will be wearing and enjoying it as a way to show off and celebrate their special bond.

Your pieces are so fun & quirky, what’s one way you like to incorporate some fun into your life?

I’m glad you think so! I definitely embrace things that make me happy, like bright colours and sparkles. I can have fun doing almost anything, but some examples of what I’m doing for fun these days are crafting (currently knitting a wacky sweater), zoom karate classes (working toward my 4th degree black belt), and playing peek-a-boo with my 10-month old baby.


To see my page on their website, click here