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Geek-Chic Photoshoot! July 07 2016

Back in May we had a geek-chic styled photoshoot with all of our nerdy-awesome pieces. We are so happy with the results! Here are our wonderfully professional, super stylish and amazingly geeky photos, along with some behind-the-scenes pictures taken by me!


Photo credit: Ashlea Wessel (

Model: Deanne Marsh

Hair and Make-up: Kestra Illiatovitch-Goldman (

BRAND NEW! Chocolate Molecule Necklace & Diamond Molecule Ring July 12 2012

We are very excited to launch 2 new items in our molecule series! Introducing the Chocolate Molecule Necklace and the Diamond Molecule Ring!


Theobromine is the main ingredient found in chocolate or cocoa. Wear this necklace to show your pride in being a chocoholic!

Pendant is hand-fabricated in sterling silver and then hand-painted with an enamel. Comes on a 18" sterling silver faceted ball chain.


The Affordable Diamond Ring!

This ring features the molecular crystalline structure of a diamond, making this a very affordable diamond ring! The molecular structure is fabricated in sterling silver and the black carbon atoms are each painted by hand with enamel. The molecule is soldered to a sterling silver band.