Cassidy's Monochrome Beads

Type: Necklaces

This pendant is made with a fragments that have been tumbled by Lake Ontario, which I drilled and turned into beads. We collected them while combing the beach made of construction waste that is the Leslie Spit in Toronto. ON this necklace are pieces of rock, tile and brick and a Turquoise gem that someone must have lost from a bracelet. Beads are all around 1/2" tall and hang on an 18" gold-filled chain.

It's amazing how something ordinary can become special and sentimental because of a memory attached to it. If you've ever gone adventuring with a toddler, you know how easy it is to end up with pockets full of these treasures. 

This collection features stones and pebbles that are hand-picked by the happiest kid around. It's a way for me to collaborate with my little collector and give his special finds the appreciation they deserve. 

Do you have your own special treasures? Let me set them for you! Get in touch for a quote!