Meadows and Moons: Bubble Flower Ring with Reclaimed Gemstones in sterling silver

Type: ring

Clear, blue skies, fields and forests brimming with wildflowers of every colour that smell sweet and fragrant at night. Set with a range of new and reclaimed gemstones, these pieces help us hold on to the beauty of summer for as long as we can.

Relaxed and carefree, a string of daisies to decorate your finger. This ring features reclaimed gemstones in blue topaz, citrine, amethyst, garnet and synthetic ruby. The stones are set in a bezel setting on a substantial and super comfortable daisy chain band. 

Garnet: size 8

Citrine: size 5.5

Blue topaz: size 6.5

Amethyst: size 4.5

Synthetic Ruby: size 7