Slashpile Necklace - Realistic Logs (large)

Type: Jewelry
SKU: 0304N

Treeplanting is a Canadian rite-of-passage. Slashpiles – the ginormous piles of leftover logs and sticks that line the logging roads through clearcuts – are a familiar sight to all treeplanters. Slashpiles become giant campfires in the winter, as they are burned to replenish the soil with nutrients to support a new generation of forests.

Based on our own experience as treeplanters, we use our Slashpile necklace as a symbol of surviving a full season of this extremely challenging and laborious summer job out in the Canadian wilds. As typical Canadian outdoorsy women, who love camping, canoeing, and sitting by a fire, we also love to think of this as a campfire on a necklace.


Slashpile pendant measures 5cm wide by 3cm tall. It is carved out of wax and then cast in sterling silver. It is then darkened with a patina. and strung on an 18" oxidized sterling silver chain. Then necklace is packaged and ready for gift-giving, including our slashpile 'story'.