Coniferous stud earrings

Type: earrings
SKU: 0501S
We love trees, and there's nothing quite like a coniferous forest-- the soft floor and sweet smell of pine needles, and the quiet, shady peacefulness of being under those gorgeous trees. These earrings are inspired by our time in the forest, as well as our experiences tree planting (we planted thousands of pine and spruce trees daily for 4 months of the year, 4 years in a row). Honour the forest and show off your nature-loving side with these bold stud earrings.

These stud earrings are 100% handmade. The tree silhouette is pierced from a silver dome, soldered to a backing and darkened inside with a patina. Posts and butterfly backings are sterling silver. Each earring is 5/8" in diameter.