Day Fifteen - Courtney leaves, Sarah arrives June 26 2011, 0 Comments

I just got back to the hotel after dropping Courtney off at the airport so she can fly back to Terrace, BC (where she has been living over the winter). Dustin met up with a friend who hitchhiked to Vancouver and they are getting groceries so we can make some food in our kitchenette. In about two hours, I'll have to head out again to pick up our cousin, Sarah, who will also be driving back with us!

It's funny, we have had to switch hotel rooms ever night because of a lack of availablity, so we're getting to try out all different places. Tonight's hotel is not as nice as last night, but by splitting it between 3 people, we are getting the same rate as any of the hostels downtown (which had no vacancy). We are in a beautiful area, right by the beach and Stanley park, so I can't complain. The weather is beautiful today.

We went in to lots of stores this morning on Main St (a cool shopping area) and in Gastown (a nice historic district), and I have a tentative meeting set up for tomorrow. We also found a shop that definitely wants to carry our rings, and another that had already seen our work in our Etsy shop and was interested in retailing our work!

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