Day Fourteen - Urban Adventures

Day Fourteen - Urban Adventures

After we picked Dustin up from the airport, we walked around the entertainment district which was very lively. There were lots of people singing, playing music on the street...we even saw a very interestingly dressed woman on rollerblades trying to direct traffic...

Today was jam-packed! We knew we had a lot of doors to knock on (Vancouver is a big city with a lot of cool areas and lots of shopping), but we also wanted to make sure we did some stuff for fun.

We spent the morning going in to stores to see if we could show buyers some samples of our work. We found a couple of places on West 4th st, but it was hard to get meetings because we are only here for the weekend. Store owners and employees in Granville Island shops (our next stop) were extremely helpful and open to looking at our work, even though it was super busy there. We definitely got some good leads, made some good contacts and found out about other stores to try.

By that time it was already after noon, so we decided to do some exploring just for fun. We find that store owners are much more receptive in the mornings...

We walked around on Robson St for a bit, then we decided to check out chinatown. I had promised my friend, Mui, from Terrace I would pick up some things while in Vancouver--some vietnamese fish sauce and some rice flour. We completed that mission by showing photos of the products on Dustin's iPhone to the store owners who didn't speak english. They were laughing and quickly found the items we were looking for. We had lunch at a place that Mui recommended--Kent's Kitchen--where you can get a ton of amazing authentic chinese food for $5. So good! We ate back at our new hotel by Stanley Park. After eating, we went for a very long and amazing walk along the ocean, then went back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit. We ate Kraft Dinner for dinner, now we are catching up on e-mails and I'm packing for my flight to Terrace tomorrow.

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