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Backyard birds! March 22 2017


The first birds and flowers of the season are always a major source of inspiration for me. In early spring, there's a sense of wonder and excitement for the warmer months to come. It's a time of renewal and new beginnings. This year I am experiencing all of this with the extra emotional attachment of seeing it in my very own backyard during my first spring as a homeowner. It's such an exciting season, and an especially exciting time for us as we work on making our home and garden exactly how we want it!

In the past couple of years, I've also discovered a major interest in birding, and it seems like lots of others are interested as well. Our homemade birdhouses are going up in the backyard this weekend, and so far at our feeder, we've seen woodpeckers, cardinals, juncos and chickadees! Of course, I'm putting my interest and excitement into some spring-y jewellery and celebrating the season with my bird and binocular pins and birdhouse jewellery.

I hope you enjoy this collection! Let me know if you have any requests for bird species, and I will gladly turn them into pins :)

Bird pins will be $85 each and one of a kind Birdhouse necklaces will be $100 each. Each one is hand-drawn, saw pierced, fabricated, and painted with my own two hands!