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The Bancroft Gemboree August 06 2019

This past weekend we took a trip to the cottage to attend the Rockhound Gemboree in Bancroft. It's a 4-day festival for rockhounds (mineral collectors), jewellers, hobbyists, and anyone with an interest in gems and crystals. It was quite the spectacle. There were two buildings filled with vendors with a bit of everything from unique cut gems to giant crystals, cool fossils, even some crystal healing booths, tools and books. There was even a person at the door with tools to identify any mineral you wanted to bring in.

In addition to using stones in my work, I have always been very interested in gemstones. Courtney and I even started our very extensive collection of specimens when we were just 5 years old! Most of them are currently in a dusty box in my basement, but I have a little display in my living room of my favourites, and I change it up every so often with others collected over time.

I had a great time looking, and picked up some cool pieces to use in my work. Here are some photos of my haul :)