Day Nineteen - Natural water and 3 different kinds of precipitation June 30 2011, 0 Comments

We got up and had breakfast on the road. The first place we stopped was in Radium hot springs to check out the hot springs. We were expecting a natural-looking spring, so we paid the $6 entrance fee, and went in. It was kind of funny-- it turns out that the 'hot spring' is actually just a heated, chlorinated swimming pool. When we asked for our money back (because we didn't really want to swim in a pool), the guy told us that it was the water that was natural (as opposed to...? haha)

We stopped next at Lake Louise for a late lunch and to check out the lake. It was really cold there, but so, so beautiful. It rained, snowed, and hailed on us (and it was sunny sometimes in between). We took our time through the parks, making our way up to Jasper. We picked up some beer in town, and headed to the Palisades Center, where Jessie and Ramsey had cooked us a delicious meal (yummy pizzas, salads and carrot cake). We ate together in the dining hall, and then played games all evening in the lodge building. It was so much fun!

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