Day Twenty and Twenty One - Calgary and Regina

Day Twenty and Twenty One - Calgary and Regina

Yesterday morning we had breakfast at the lodge, and then went into a store in jasper  that we visited on our previous visit. They now carry our lost and found stacking rings! There were lots of festivities in town for canada day so that was exciting.

We were going to take the tram up to Whistler's to see the beautiful view, but when we found out that it was $30 per person, we decided instead to take our time Driving through park on our way to Calgary. We stopped at lots of scenic spots along the way (it was hard to find a spot that wasn't scenic) and we climbed a small trail next to a big waterfall. It was pretty cold out, but we had a great time.

We got to Calgary around 7:00, just in time for a barbeque at the house we were staying at. We stayed with Steve (a friend from Toronto) and his cousin's family. We went downtown for a drink to celebrate Canada Day, but we probably left a little too late, and didn't have much time before the last lrt train left to take us back home. We ended up missing the last train and taking a cab.

Today we had breakfast in Calgary, then headed out on the road through the prairies! We stopped for a snack/drink on a patio in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and then drove straight to The Keg in regina, where my friend, Lisa was serving. After dinner, we walked around downtown and then headed back to Lisa's to go to bed at a decent hour.

Distance July 1: 537 km

Distance July 2: 839 km

Total Distance: 9640 km

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