Day Twenty Two - Two time zones

Day Twenty Two - Two time zones

It is currently 3:00am in Kenora, Ontario, where we're staying in a cabin just outside the city.

We had a great breakfast with Lisa's family in Regina and then headed to the RCMP Heritage museum, where we got a free tour of the training grounds. It wasn't a very exciting tour, but it was kind of cool to see the training centre for all the mounties in Canada.

We got some groceries and started driving towards Winnipeg. It was so beautiful and hot out today, and we had a very smooth drive. We stopped in at the Forks in Winnipeg for dinner and ended up hanging around for over an hour because there was live salsa music, drummers, and people doing tricks with fire. About an hour out of the city, we started seeing some crazy lightning (so naturally, we put on some classical music that matched the timing of the flashing clouds), and the it started to get pretty foggy and rainy so we started to look for accommodations. It took a while, but we made it to Kenora by about 2:00 am (or 12:00 prairie time, so not as late as it sounds). We have a kitchenette, so we will take advantage of that for breakfast.

Distance today: 831 km

Total distance: 10471 km

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