Right hand ring surprise January 12 2017, 0 Comments


When our grandmother was in palliative care 6 years ago, she showed me and Courtney two diamond rings her father had given her. She told us that "one will be here, and one will be here", pointing to each of us. Unfortunately, after she passed away, we discovered that the ring she was planning to give to me was missing from the hospital.

Yesterday, I went to drop something off at our stone setter, and Courtney told me he had something for me. I recognized it as soon as I saw it-- a beautiful ring inspired by the one that my grandmother would have given me! Turns out my whole family (and even our stone setter) was in on it as a sort of belated 30th birthday surprise! It features a diamond that was reclaimed from another one of my grandmother's rings, and was 3-d modelled and hand-finished by Courtney. It is a super special, gorgeous, sentimental right hand ring that I will always treasure!!

Growing up, Courtney and I had an extremely close relationship with our grandmother, Ruth. She was pretty inspirational, and I think we became artists/designers largely thanks to her.... but more about that in a future blog post :)