Pack-men (well, women)

Pack-men (well, women)

We've been making working hard on making lots of inventory, in preparation for our big trip. In doing this, we have run into a few issues that led us to re-design our packaging.

1. Organization. It is really hard to sort and store loose pieces of jewellery. Labelling pieces and sorting them into bags and boxes is super helpful! It also means it will be easier for us to find everything when we have to take it out again for stores!

2. Tarnishing. Whether on display or in transit, silver tarnishes when exposed to the air! The plastic baggies and the molecule tins make it easy to display the pieces, without having to clean the pieces frequently!

3. Display/branding. On the paper lables, we can put important information about the pieces, such as the name of the collection, a brief description of the concept and, of course, our logo!

We are very pleased with the results!

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