Day Three - Friendly Manitoba

Day Three - Friendly Manitoba

Our morning was not quite as successful as we had hoped. The stores we had in mind for Thunder Bay were not well suited for our jewellery, but we did spend some time calling stores in other places we plan to visit and we managed to set up a few more meetings.

We left Thunder Bay around 11:00, with Tara taking the first shift. We had to really clean the windshield. Lots of bugs in Northern Ontario! The drive wasn't so bad, and before we knew it, Canadian Shield gave way to open prairie and we were in Winnipeg. Our hosts (Kara and Aaron) took us for a tour downtown to see the Forks--the meeting of the Assiniboine River and the Red River. Right now, water levels are so high that many of the trails are submerged! So, we walked around the market area and had world famous hot dogs instead. We also went into a candy store in a train car and bought some chocolate covered pop rocks for the drive tomorrow. That should be interesting!

Tonight, we will relax and go to bed early in preparation for our meetings tomorrow.

Distance covered today:  749 km

Total Distance covered:  2202 km

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