Day Ten - Summer Solstice

Day Ten - Summer Solstice

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We spent the morning cold-calling stores in Edmonton and got some leads. Tara plans to stop by a few stores on the drive back to Ontario. Immediately got back on the road, toward Jasper. The landscape gradually transitioned from prairie to mountains--beautiful scenery!

We saw lots of wildlife as soon as we entered the park--some mountain goats, a coyote and a family of elk! Had a meeting with a store buyer in Jasper, who is interested in a few of our lines. Then we walked around, scoping out other stores. We are now staying as the Palisades Centre, where our friends Ramsey and Jessie are cooks. Such a wonderful place to stay!

Now we are headed out to meet a friend from high school in Jasper. Time to check out the nightlife here and celebrate the Solstice!

Distance covered today: 456 km

Total distance: 5055 km