Day Twenty Three - Epic Achievements

Day Twenty Three - Epic Achievements

We had a bit of a late start this morning. We slept in, then cooked all the food left in the car (pasta), and headed towards Thunder Bay.

Our most important stop was when our car reached 100 000 km. We took a video and had a celebratory picnic in a planted clearcut just off the Trans-Canada Highway.

Knowing that tonight was our last night of the trip, we wanted to make the most of it. We decided to stop early to experience Canadiana in Thunder Bay. We watched the sun set over Lake Superior from a local bar "On Deck", while drinking Molson Canadian. We also got to pick 21 songs on the jukebox. As we listened to the heavenly sounds of Meatloaf and Billy Joel, we were all grateful for what we've learned about about our beautiful country and the people and places in it. We look forward to our comfortable beds and clean laundry, but wouldn't trade a second of this adventure.

Distance today: 523 km
Total distance: 11004 km

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